Kit Rosebottom

Young gun-slinging girl raised by action movies


Theme Song :

Physical: D10
Mental: D8
Social: D6

Fix D6
Notice D8 Ambush
Shoot D10 Trick Shot
Move D6
Focus D6
Know D6 Guns, Law
Survive D6
Sneak D8
Throw D8
Fight D6

Brilliant Gunsmith D8
You’ve got a knack for being a tech wiz. Guns make the most money, so you followed the market.
Design Flaw: Spend 1 PP to step back a firearm Asset (including a Signature Asset) by exploiting an inferior weapon.
Genius Inventor: Spend 1 PP to create a d8 Asset when you fiddle with someone else’s gun for a scene.
Highlighted Skills: Fix, Notice, Shoot

Dead Eye D8
You’re cool under fire and a keen shot.
Quick Draw: The first time you set the stakes in a firefight, spend 1 PP to double Shoot. If your opponent raises the stakes, step back Shoot for the rest of the scene.
Take Aim: Step back Move until the end of the scene to create an In My Crosshairs d8 Asset.
Highlighted Skills: Move, Notice, Shoot

Yee-Haw!!!! D8
“If a plan don’t involve explosions, jumping off a building, and laughing while the law chases you, it ain’t a plan worth doing”
Double Down: Double your largest die in a poll before you roll. Step up a Complication to that die type or create one equal to that die type
Cut Both Wires: Step up one of your Complications to reroll a die after you’ve rolled. On your next roll both 1s and 2s count for Complications.
Highlighted Skills: Drive, FIght, Shoot

Signature Asset
Law and Order D8 (Customized Rifle and Pistol)

2 jobs


Kit has not known a life without Thomas Rosebottom. It was Thomas that found her, so long ago, a lone survivor, adrift in a wreck. Kit has no memory of her real family, as she was but a baby when the Reavers attacked their transport ship, heading to start a new town at the fringe.

Thomas Rosebottom was a very simple man, one which was never meant to raise a child. He did his best, teaching her everything he really understood, which was the law and the gun. The rest was filled in by Thomas’ massive collection of B-grade action movies. As such, Kit grew to her Teens as a very unique person.

They lived well for a while, earning their keep by offering protection to travelers or hunting bounties. Unfortunately, something from Thomas’ past came back and shattered the life they knew. One day, during a routine break between jobs, Thomas vanished, leaving behind a short note (detailing that he has to go away for a while), an encrypted file and the name of one Trena Reed. It took several days, but she managed to crack the file, in it was a time, a set of coordinates and the access key to a small bank account. With this in hand, she set off, racing to the location, trying not to miss the set time. She arrived with minutes to spare and what she found awaiting, was a ship, The (insert ship name here), and the start of the next arc of her life.

Kit Rosebottom

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