Flynn "Eastwood" Merryweather

Space Dandy!


Physical d8 Mental d8 Social d8


Code Duello: When you take a complication that implies a slight upon your honor, you may issue a challenge to a duel and give your opponent a Challenged to a Duel d8 Complication.

Smooth Talker
Gift of Gab: Spend 1 PP to double your influence die for your next roll.


Drive d10
Fly d10
Focus d8
Fight d8 – Fencing
Move d8
Perform d6
Influence d8 –
Know d6 – High Society
Shooting d6
Trick d8

Signature Asset
Patsy’s the Merryweather Manservant d8
Patsy has been Flynn’s manservant since Flynn was a boy. He has followed his young master into exile. While not a physically capable man, Patsy is a font of esoteric knowledge from the marriage rituals of the rimworlds to dining Londinium dining ettiquete.


If you’ve spent time on an outworld colony then you’ve eaten a Merryweather Ready Meal. Even a quarter of composite nutriloaf has the energy to keep a man fed for a day, and a Merryweather Meal is 15% tastier than the leading brand of nutrient supplement. This has made the Merryweather’s incredibly rich and incredibly powerful in the core worlds. As a result, Flynn Merryweather has wanted for nothing his entire life. His life was a parade of parties, fancy aero-cars and beautiful women. A fact that bored him. He became a thrill seeker whether it was aero-car races through the skies of Bellerophon or a duel with similarly bored aristocrats.

This all changed when Lily entered his life. She had graduated from the Ariel Elite Academy and was hired by the Merryweather company as the head of product development in the Merryweather Agricultural Division. She was a new face and not unattractive, so he immediately began to flirt with her. She rebuffed his advances, which was the proverbial slap to his face. Flynn was intrigued. This began an unlikely friendship between the two. Flynn found her intelligence intriguing and Lily appreciated Flynn helping her navigate the byzantine network of the Merryweather corporate world.

Lily confided in Flynn about the things she saw when she took a tour of the outerworlds as part of her research. She told him of the dark things that the Alliance had been responsible for. It made Flynn uneasy but he was convinced it was not his problem. A stance he kept until Lily disappeared.

One of his old friends, Corvo, joked that she must have stuck her nose where it didn’t belong and she got what she deserved. Flynn challenged him to a duel and ran him through. Corvo was the heir to the Andretti family and he knew that they would seek to avenge their son’s death. Flynn burned most of his connections on Bellerophon to escape the Andretti’s. He took the name of an actor from Earth-That-Was and hired himself out as a pilot. He found his way onto the X under the command of Trena Reed.

Flynn "Eastwood" Merryweather

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