Ferdinand Winters

Washed up Shepherd whose taken up the bottle.



Functional Alcoholic – Start every Episode with a D6 Drunk Complication. Step it up to reroll a die on a failed action. Once it exceeds D12, you are out until given medical treatment.

Miracle Worker – If you replace your FIX roll with a D4 for your next roll, gain a Big Damn Hero Die equal to that Skill’s normal die rating if your roll is successful.

Not Today When you take a complication to stay in the fight, double an appropriate Attribute in your next roll.

Undeniable When you stand up for your beliefs or your crew, spend 1 PP to double your Focus in a roll.

Fix D10, Engines, Vehicles
Know D8, Mechanics, Ship Systems
Operate D8
Shoot D6
Notice D6
Influence D6
Craft D6
Focus D6
Fight D8
Labor D8

Hollowed Out Bible D6, Signature Asset.


Old Man Winters as he’s commonly called was born on a Core World he can’t remember the name of, named Ferdinand after some man who started a war by dying. He went against his parent’s wishes, finding fulfillment fixing parts and engines, then eventually becoming a Shepherd.

His life took a turn for the worse, when he was assigned to New Khasmir, during the Unification War. His abbey quickly became a makeshift casualty ward. He did his duty, speaking to the wounded, and giving last rites to the dying. It began to take a toll on him, the amount of dying men pleading for life, for their families, begging not to die. He took up drinking.

The drinking and the nightmares led him to leave the abbey, giving up on being a Shepherd. He ran with some ships, generally as a mechanic or shiphand, going from job to job for a few years. After a recent payday, he hit the bars.

He woke up in the engine room, boxes of random parts, tools and empty mason’s jars strewn around him, a crumpled contract in his pocket. Apparently he had a job as ship’s mechanic for a Trena Reed. Worse ways to wake up.

Ferdinand Winters

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