Trena Reed

Alliance intelligence officer having second thoughts


Physical: D6
Mental: D10
Social: D8

Alliance Officer
Chain of Command: Gain 1 PP when you step up a Complication because of orders you received from your superiors
Sir, Yes, Sir: Spend 1 PP to create an Asset at a d8 to represent a specialist under your command.
Highlighted Skills: Fight, Notice, Shoot

By the book
Standard Operating Procedure: Spend 1 PP to double Know for a roll when you
rely on your knowledge of Alliance rules, regulations, and procedures.
This Isn’t in the Manual: When the GM buys a jinx from you, you may step up
a Complication to gain 1 PP. Highlighted Skills: Focus, Know, Operate

Shadows of the war
Nightmares: Start every Episode with an Exhausted d6 Complication. Step it up
to reroll the dice on an Action. Once it exceeds d12, you are out until given medical treatment.
Operational Flexibility: Double your Focus when you are working to reconfigure a
plan on the fly. Highlighted Skills: Fight, Focus, Sneak

Skills and specialities
Fight: D8
Focus: D8
Influence: D6, Interrogation techniques
Know: D10, The Unification War, Criminal profiling,
Move: D6
Notice: D10,
Operate: D6
Shoot: D6
Sneak: D8, Blend in

Signature assets
Alliance secure communications array
Disguised Alliance vessel? (pending approval)


In the days running up to the outbreak of war, Trena Reed, daughter of a ranching magnate on Shadow, began a careful analysis of war’s potential outcomes, as well as a detailed overview of which planets were likely to rebel. She decided that a quick victory by the Alliance represented the best-case scenario for the overall development and well-being of humanity, and send her information to them. Proving interested in her skills, the Alliance recruited her for their intelligence division, who trained her in criminal profiling, intelligence gathering, and interrogation techniques, skills she used to good effect on Browncoat prisoners, judging her activities to be for the greater good. She spent most of the war in a highly secure facility on a remote moon, and when she heard whispers of atrocities, she dismissed them as irrelevant.

When the war ended, Trena tried to go home on leave… only to realize that she no longer had a home to go to. Shadow had been made an example of, and was now a radioactive wasteland. Her entire family presumed dead, Trena repressed her feelings and reported for duty once more, but her skills were now in less demand. Recognizing that her loyalty was suspect, Alliance intelligence assigned her to partake in a fact-finding mission throughout the rim and outer words, with no set objective beyond locating threats and reporting on illegal activities. Without anywhere else to go and anything to do, Trena agreed, though in her heart she knew she could never serve the Alliance in the same manner again.

Trena Reed

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