The Shadow

A Viper Class Courier vessel.


Viper Class Courier D8
Engines D10
Hull D4
Systems D10

Distinctions and triggers
Viper Class Courier
Turbo! D8 – Spend 1 PP to create an Afterburners D10 Asset. Each time you include Afterburners in a dice pool, step it back after you roll.

In the Line of Duty
Send the Bill to My Boss D8 – Spend 1 PP to covert a ship Complication to a social complication and step it back.

Built for Speed
Focused Thrust D8 – When using Engines for raw speed, double Engines. Remove the highest rolling die and add three dice together for the result.

Advanced Assets
Fancy Sensor Array D8 – Step back your ship’s Engines for the rest of the scene to step up or double your ship’s Systems when trying to detect something with your sensors.

Hidden Weapons D8 – SURPRISE! Spend 1 PP to go first in a scene before any weapon or attacks can be made. On your action, you may reroll any dice that come 1 instead of accepting a plot point.


The Shadow

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