Lin Teng

Hired assassin, Presumed Dead


Lin Teng is a legendary assassin in the underworld. Some say she can move faster than a speeding bullet, and can vanish in the shadows only to appear somewhere else.

In reality, Lin Teng is, or was, one of three identical triplets. They kept their true identity a secret, and promoted outlandish rumors about their abilities in order to increase their notoriety. Her sisters were taken out by the crew on the Morrison Mining Job, but she slipped away.

Keen on revenge, Teng set up the crew to take the fall for an assassination of a senator, who was also highly valued by Niska himself. After having successfully turned both the Alliance and Niska against the crew, they unfortunately caught up with her. A firefight ensued, and she fell out a window and into the bay, but not before taking more than a few critical shots. She is presumed to be dead.


Lin Teng

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