Jason Wai-fong

A former Tong member, with a quick mind, and even quicker tongue.



Physical – D6
Mental – D8
Social – D10


Fight – D8 (Tai Chi)
Influence – D12 (Negotiate, Intimidate)
Know – D8 (Underworld)
Move – D6
Perform – D6
Shoot – D8
Sneak – D6 (Hide in Plain Sight)
Trick – D10 (Lying)


Smooth Talker
Gift of Gab: Spend 1 PP to double your Influence die for your next roll.
Start Fresh: Spend 1 PP at the beginning of a scene to step back all of your social or mental-based Complications.

Highlighted Skills: Influence, Know, Trick

Former Tong Fixer
I Know a Guy: Spend 1 PP to create a d8 Asset when you call in a shady friend with the skills you need.
Leverage: Double Influence when you bribe someone or threaten them with financial ruin.

Highlighted Skills: Influence, Fight, Shoot

Charming Personality
Silver Tongued: Spend 1 PP to double Influence when you are trying to charm or seduce another character.
Memorable: Create a Memorable d8 Complication on yourself when tryin’ to execute a cunning plan. Gain 1 PP.

Highlighted Skills: Influence, Trick, Perform



A former member of the Tong syndicate on Londinium, Jason was pulled into the underworld of the Tong by his father, despite his mother’s wishes for him to lead a better life than they had. Quick witted and devilishly handsome, Jason found that there were few situations he couldn’t get himself into or out of with a few words, and a smile. He found the use of force that so many relied upon to be simple, childish, and brutish, and took great delight in manipulating others through his wits instead. With the 14K Triad recently moving back into the core worlds again after being shoved out by the alliance, Jason quickly rose through the ranks, displaying a great deal of skill at dealing with many of the Tong’s clientele, able to quickly and easily negotiate favourable terms in trade deals, bring a wayward politician to heel, or attract new clients by bringing them around to the Tong’s way of thinking. His skills were constantly in demand with the Tong looking to rapidly expand back into Core territory, and was often called upon to grease palms and shut mouths.

While Jason has always needed to be able to handle himself in the underworld of Londinium, he would resort to violence only if absolutely, and took up training in Tai Chi strictly for the purpose of disabling and disarming his opponents, rather than inflicting harm outright. He would take odd jobs with the Tong, ranging from bribing city officials, working out trade negotiations, or high-end theft jobs, being able to talk his way into many facilities, and right back out again, with security believing he belonged there the whole time.

(Falling out with the Tong to be done later)

Jason is currently seeking new employment. If you’re looking to bilk a Rim World baron out of his life savings, negotiate a contract with a disreputable underworld dealer, or talk your way into a party that requires a diamond the size of a testicle to get in, Jason Wai-fong is your man.

Jason Wai-fong

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