What's Yours is Mine

The Morrison Mining Co. Job

The crew takes a job from Marion Morrison, formerly the owner of the Morrison Mining company in a town called Hannibal on Sweethome. The job is straight forward, but difficult, and involves stealing a shipment of precious metals from the new owner, Etienne du Bujac, who is later revealed to have played a part of putting Morrison in jail, and stealing her company from under her.

In the process, the crew helps rescue the foreman’s daughter, starts a miner uprising, kills two thirds of the Teng Sisters, and captures du Bujac himself. A pretty good days work, all in all.

The celebrations were cut short, unfortunately, as it’s revealed that du Bujac, and thus the mining company, is heavily in debt to a man named Niska. After being contacted by one of Niska’s agents, Kostya, they are given a choice to either take on the debt themselves, or pass it on to Marion. They choose the former…


Drikanis Drikanis

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