Tuesday, I think.

Maybe Wednesday, I dunno.

Some folks say it’s good to write things down in a journal, so guess I’m doing that now. Cap’s orders.

Had to go to a gorram park to see some gorram politician. Spent most of my time on the outskirts of the park shouting at people about Sin or something. Never did like parks, far too sunny, cheery people walking around, talking. Makes my head hurt.

Next thing I know, gorram politician’s head explodes like a gorram cantaloupe and everyone is freaking out and shouting, running every which way. Managed to get Mr. Fancypants’ attention and we hightailed it out of there back to the hotel we were stashed at. Started clearing that place up, don’t want no Alliance crawling up my ass later on. I’ve dealt with enough of their gorram whiny shit in the War. The Kid was on the lookout, noticed some Alliance showing up, and we got out of there, hit the rooftop parkade and stuck my head in some hovercar’s hood.

Had a nice engine, JPL8770, with dual coolant exchange. Decent amount of power, pretty high performance. Personally, would have gone with a JPL8670, not as much power, but you could drive it through hell and back without that thing failing. Didn’t notice the upgraded security system though, caused some ruckus but we got out of there.

Hit the shipyard to get the hell out of here, turns out our gorram ship has been transferred to an Alliance Shipyard by the Cap. Now I got nothing against women or anything, but how do you fudge things up enough to get a ship transferred by accident? That or the Cap is an Alliance Fed.

The Kid and the other guy took off to track down some gorram sniper lady. I got stuck with Mr. Fancypants with tracking down the old crew we worked with on the Bank Job. Met them at a bar, got everything squared away, sampled a couple drinks they had and had a nap.

Woke up getting out of a van, wearing coveralls. Fancypants mentioned something about a trunkline, or hardline I don’t know I’m not a gorram scientist.


Drikanis Pox

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