Teachers, Lawmen and Boxes

Outlaw Lawmen: Shadows of Justice
By: Kit Rosebottom, esq, PHD

Emily Starchaser as the Captain

Dandy Jones as Duke Eastwood

John T. Hurtington as Drunk Old Guy

Kit Rosebottom as Herself

Scene: A man and Kid arrive at a church

Camera moves to an interior view
Door bursts open with a forceful kick

Kid: I’m looking for the “Teacher”

Fade to black
Opening Credits


Interior shot: Musky dim lit Apartment
A nervous man paces in his apartment, he hears footsteps at his door. He dashes to the window hoping to escape.

Cut to mysterious Kid figure in the alley.

The Kid kicks a dumpster, sending it rolling to a stop under him. A coin is flicked into the man’s forehead causing him to fall into the open dumpster.

Kid: Looks like its trash day

Rock Ballad starts

Interrogation Montage

Racing to port Montage

The Captain: The Teacher is hiding in a box on that ship that is leaving!

The Kid shoulders an anti-air rocket launcher, takes aim and fires.

The ship is hit and a single box falls out of the large hole in the hold and crashes through the roof of the Sheriff’s jail.

Cut to the Kid

Kid: Fedex, we do home delivery.

Cut to Sheriff

Sheriff: Thanks Kid!

Arbitrary space action scene

Roll end credits


Drikanis Mechayahiko

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